2016/17 Training Timetable

Commences from 1st September 2016

  • 2016/17 Teams

Non- Competitive Teams
 Age Group
 Additional Info
Tiny Development
 3-6 years
No experience or trial necessary. Must be able to use toilet unaided.
Recreational Class 
 7-15 years
No experience or trial necessary.  No experience or trial necessary.
Elite Development
 All Ages
Invitation Only
Semi- Competitive Teams
 Age Group
 Additional Info
All Star Prep
 7-16 years
 No experience necessary. Trial required
Competitive Teams
 Age Group
 Additional Info
Mini All Star
 5-8 years
Trial required
Youth All Star
7-11 years
Trial required
Junior All Star
10-14 years
Trial required
Senior All Star
 13+ years
Trial required

Athlete Development

  • Regular athlete/ parent feedback and “parents evening” to discuss positives and areas for athlete improvement or any issues
  • ALL new athletes who join after trials must start on Development, Recreational squad or Tiny team depending on age and ability
  • Tiny & Recreational squads will work through badge systems to ensure progression through basic core skills
  • Throughout the season, athletes may have the potential to be moved up from recreational squad to All Star Prep, or All Star Prep to an All Star squad
  • Athletes on Allstar teams may be invited/ requested to crossover into Allstar Prep to help develop a certain area of their skills, for example tumbling, flying, basing, etc.
  • More skill, fitness, fun and development classes open to all athletes - stretch & condition, tumbling, flying, group & partner stunt, BHS class, tuck class, fitness, family cheer, display practice, open session
  • Invitation only elite development squad (Pre-elite) to push top level athletes